Writing Projects

Regular Column at 'The Weekly Spoon'

 'ReWind' is a semi-regular column posted on The Weekly Spoon a pop culture review and news site. ReWind, written by Shaun Garea, looks back at some of the greats in comic history picking up and reviewing older works mostly and reexamining their place in today's landscape. View the segment HERE 

Novel in the works!

A short novel 'The Cult of the Giant Teapot' has been on the burner here on and off for some time, with work being dedicated to it between Estrata and academic commitments. It covers the story of peoples warring over a giant teapot, as ridiculous as this is, our spectator - lost, cut off from his home, and a stranger to these peoples-  may or may not see these absurdities of sectarianism taking slightly different, but no less absurd, forms from the ones he knows so well.


Academic Work

I have recently contributed to a chapter in an upcoming textbook, alongside two incredibly talented experts, looking at video game violence and what we can/can't say about how it relates to real world societal violence. More details on this when the chapter is finalized and publishing details are confirmed. 

A very humbling and a fantastic opportunity.


Going forward there will be some PDF's available for anyone interested in Comicbook screenwriting and also some screenplays of our film projects completed in the past.

Comic work

The Legend of Gareus

There is a WHOLE website decidacted to this project - with characters created by Shaun Garea and Alex McMahon - so please get more info HERE. The first story has just been published in print with the Funtime 30th issue (Funtime is NZ's longest running comics anthology) and Gareus was lucky enough to receive the blessing of Mike Allred and Mike Norton (Fathers of the Eisner and Harvey winning Madman and Battlepug respectively) to feature their characters in our silly, silly little world. Oh and Gareus may just be appearing in a video game in the near future too. Just sayin.


Ah the bittersweet look at projects past.

Arcadia will never die but it is in a coma. The work is a direct continuation of the story of Hell's Gate (Estrata's first independent short film) and widens the scope of evil nasty monsters from a small rural house to a town on the outskirts of nowhere.

A six issue run has been planned with story and script work done for the most part so really its just up to a matter to time, patience, and just a little bit of inspiration.

The Arsonist

If you hop over HERE you will find the video we did for Jordan Reyne's track 'The Arsonist'. Estrata also did two separate single page comics to expand on the story and give a little more depth to the characters (who are played by two of our favorite people!).