All that we see or seem...


The film ‘A Dream of Dark Colours’ was to be based on the novel ‘The Trial’ by Czech author Franz Kafka. 

It was to be a modern retelling as the book is just as relevant today as when it was first published in 1924. The work was adapted and directed by Shaun Garea and followed Joseph K as he was arrested one morning but not told the charge, learning over time that the accusation was in fact the sentence.

A preview presentation was made in 2009 filming some key scenes in order to attempt to gain funding to complete the rest. Unfortunately a combination of bad contacts and bad luck resulted in the project being sidelined indefinitely.

With the earthquakes of 2010 all the main locations in Governors Bay, Lyttleton, and Christchuch itself;  fell down or were torn down due to this disaster.

A very sad end to much of the history of Christchurch and unfortunate for us as it removed any possibility of going back to finish additional scenes. Leaving us with half a movie.

The presentation featured some amazing local talent: 

Charles Grubb (Joseph K) 

Janina Matthewson (Leni)

Jill Roberts (Ushers Wife)

Adam Jones (Prison Chaplain)

and veteran Stig Eldred (Advocate Huld) .

The piece was scored by 'Honored Artist of the Ukraine' Anatoly Zelinsky on viola. The plans were for Anatoly to be joined in the score by US hip hop and avant-garde group Dälek. But alas it was not to be.

... is but a dream within a dream.

A word from Faith No More Bassist and Koolarrow Records CEO Billy Gould on his support for A Dream of Dark Colours.

Not since the first public announcement, held at Bryce Gallery (to a packed house!) has this clip been shown.

This is a longer montage of several existing scenes for A Dream of Dark Colours scored by Anatoly Zelinsky. Hopefully this will give a feel for the project overall and give you a pang of disappointment that we never got to finish the project after all.