The Sleep of Reason...

A Dream... is named after the deleted chapter from Franz Kafka's 'The Trial' released as a short story of the same name.

The work is a deep dive into the subconscious and was shot as a series of short scenes that were originally played in random order in its release as an installation video work at Te Uru Gallery in Auckland New Zealand. There its run was extended by two months due to its popularity and it was part of the Auckland Festival of Photography (Fringe).

The project was funded by Creative Communities NZ and supported with a score from Talking Book (Jared Blum and Billy Gould) at Koolarrow Records.

We also garnered support on this work from Jane Campion (Oscar and Palm d'Or winning director of The Piano, Bright Star, and An Angel at my Table), and Richard Bell (Music video producer who has worked with U2, Nirvana, Metallica etc.)

A Dream... stars the incredible Dwayne Cameron who is a "revelation" (thanks Film Threat!) as an unnamed dreamer haunted by his own mind which is voiced by the fantastic Stig Eldred. Shaun Garea directs and Grant McKinnon was a beautiful addition as the cinematographer.

The work has since been repackaged as a short film and can now be watched on demand over at

A Dream... has been rated M by Office of Film and Literature Classification NZ.


... Gives Birth to Monsters

A Dream... - Emotions Study

This work originally played alongside the main video in the gallery setting on repeat without sound. It displays the exceptional range of actor Dwayne Cameron, whom this entire work (Emotions Study and A Dream...) could not have been made without.

For promotion, a track (Cradle Song) from the fantastic US band Tomahawk was added and it was such a success that the video screened in NZ theaters (Rated PG by the Film and Video Labelling Body).

Special thanks to Tomahawk and Greg at Ipecac Recordings

The Descent - Mixed Media

Shaun Garea


Cocytus - Mixed Media

Shaun Garea

Schism - Mixed Media

Shaun Garea